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Why You Should Visit Kingscliff for an Unforgettable Holiday Experience

For the average individual, the idea of going to an exotic place might seem to a bit far-fetched. However, if you reside near Kingscliff, you do not have to travel far to find a beautiful vacation. It is only seventy minutes south of Brisbane and it is a town which is becoming popular for Queenslanders going for a day trip. Families from other parts of Australia also love this travel destination. It has white beaches which are stunning, and if you want an ideal wave to surf, then this is where you should go.

Swimming and surfing are not the only things to do in this lovely little town. The swimming areas are not as crowded when compared to the beaches found further north. Fishing is another well-known sport not only with the locals but also with tourists as there are fishing contests held along the beach during the year. The stunning Tweed river is perfect for cooling your hot feet and provides freshwater fish. You can take pleasure or fishing cruises either on the river or along the beach.

You can select from the numerous restaurants and open-air markets in the town. During the month of May, the Food, Art, and the Jazz festival take place. You have the chance to join in the Main street Festival in October or attend the Farmer’s markets in the second and fourth Sunday of the month. Some local delicacies like tropical fruits are available in these local farmer’s markets. These fruits are produced for the big cities; therefore, the traveler can enjoy the taste of the food produced from this area.

The Al Fresco dining, a special feature is provided by the main street of the town. The town has a wide variety of foods to offer from lemon pepper calamari, Asian Salads; beef wraps to fresh grilled calamari. Many hotels have these meals on their menus, and a food lover will enjoy them. They also provide juice bars, fresh sandwiches, and Italian dinners and your taste buds will dictate what you will eat. This town is a food lover’s paradise because of the many meals and delicacies available.

Some of the many local attractions that the town has to offer include Ingal head, Cook Island and Fingal Lighthouse that has a stunning panoramic view. The plants and trees in the area plus the beautiful scenery make for a place worthy of photography. The Cudgen Creek also has a stunning scenery to take pictures, and the not-so-confident swimmers can have some fun in the water or watch the local birds.

In case you want to visit this town, you will find several places that provide Kingscliff accommodation either in the village or the town.

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