Chiropractic Adjustments Eliminated My Headaches

I never really thought much about headaches even though I got them on a fairly regular schedule. It was nothing I spoke with anyone about other than my doctor, and he told me that there was really not anything I could do about them. I have since changed doctors, because I found out that there actually is something very helpful that can be done for someone who has recurring headaches, whether they are migraines or the garden variety. There was an article in the paper about different chiropractors in Santa Maria and the services they perform, and headache relief was one of them.

I immediately made an appointment with one that is closest to me because I was thrilled to know there may actually be a way to not have them anymore. I have tried to reduce stress in my life as much as possible, and I eat a healthy diet. I exercise nearly every day, but nothing I did would make them go away. The chiropractor told me that having two or three headaches a week is definitely not normal, and he also said that I should have never been told that I simply had to live with them.

He explained that a headache is my brain telling me that there is a lot of stress on my central nervous system. He showed me on a diagram in his office, and i was just amazed that headaches can be a result of that. He also showed me how an adjustment can eliminate the pressure that is being put on my nerves, and he did one on me during my initial appointment. I had a few more in the subsequent weeks, and I have not had any headaches in nearly three months now. I wish I would have known about this when I was a lot younger!