My Posture Was Definitely on the Poor Side

I will be the first one to admit that I have bad posture. When I sit down, my shoulders are hunched forward. It was not so bad a few years ago, but it does seem to be getting progressively worse. It has actually started hurting my shoulders when I try to straighten them out now, and I decided to consult with a chiropractor in Santa Barbara to see if there was anything that could be done. My main goal was to stop my bad habits now before I was walking all hunched over like I see some older people.

Bad habits are so hard to break, and I had no idea how to make myself stop hunching forward on my own. I knew that it might even be too late to get perfect posture back, but at least I could prevent it from getting any worse. I had no idea that making that initial appointment was going to change my life so much. When I was sitting in his office, he could tell that my posture was pretty bad. He didn’t promise me the moon by saying he could get me straight as a board, but he did tell me that I could definitely stop the bad habits from continuing.

He gave me a couple of adjustments that week, and he also showed me some exercises that he wanted me to do at home in between the adjustments. He demonstrated the exercises himself, and I do them faithfully every single day. I go twice a week right now for the adjustments, and I can feel a difference already. It does not feel like I am climbing an uphill battle anymore, and I am actually hopeful that I can get some of my good posture back with the things I am doing right now.