We Want to Fill All the Bedrooms

When I found out that I was pregnant, I knew that my husband and I were well on our way to achieving all of our dreams. The only thing we did not have yet was our own home. We had been living in an apartment ever since we were first married. While it is really nice, I knew that I wanted a house to raise our family in. This was just our first child, but we wanted at least two more. I started looking at Denver real estate not long after finding out, and I was hoping that we would be able to find the house we wanted and completely move in before I got too far into my pregnancy.

The only way to do that in a city of our size was to contact a realtor to help us. We did not want to have to move if we outgrew the house we were going to buy, so we figured we would just invest in our future and get a big house now. We figured we would have to get at least a five bedroom since we wanted to have more children, plus we wanted there to be plenty of room when both sets of grandparents came to visit.

I honestly thought it would take a while to find the home we wanted to buy, but it didn’t. The house we now live in has six bedrooms, three full baths and three half baths, a huge finished basement, and a yard that is big enough for half a dozen kids to play in. We only found it because we had went through a great realtor to find our new home, and we were completely moved in even before I was halfway through the pregnancy. Now we can’t wait to fill all the bedrooms!