Moving to North Las Vegas for the Warmth and Dry Climate

We wanted a climate that was more stable and dry year round. People suggested we move to Arizona. We went to visit off and on for about a year to see if there were any significant seasonal changes. It does get hot, but I like that. It feels good on my bones. We were moving from a place that was hot and humid to Arizona that is hot and dry. A big difference to me and helpful for my health conditions. We looked for luxury apartments for North Las Vegas to move to. We liked the Los Vegas area. We are used to urban environments, and they are the most comfortable to us.

We did not want to live in a cramped apartment. This was going to be our home for the foreseeable future. We were holding onto our house for another year just in case we wanted to move back. We always make moves conservatively. Luxury apartments in North Las Vegas have more room than our house, so this was an upgrade to our living arrangement and not a downsize at all. We got a place that is on the top floor of a building, so we get plenty of direct sunshine into the large windows, and the view is spectacular. I like seeing the city and the open range beyond.

The apartment is ultra-modern with its amenities, but it does make liberal use of granite and hardwoods. The kitchen is a gourmet chef’s dream. My wife and I both like to cook. We plan a menu for the week, and we almost always had dinner guests each evening back where we were moving from. We expect it to not be long before we have new friends and neighbors who join us for dinner a few times per week. Early retirement makes this a whole lot easier to do.