We Are Thriving at Our New Apartment

I needed to find a place for me, my sister and our two dogs to stay as quickly as possible. We had been living in a nice apartment, but there was water damage from pipes that had burst, and our apartment was one that took a good bit of damage. There were no vacancies there since so many apartments were damaged, so I had to look at other apartments in Santa Fe to find us one to live in. I thought it might be more difficult since we do have the two dogs, but it was actually quite simple to find what is now our home.

I work outside the home anywhere from eight to ten hours a day, and sometimes I work six days a week. My sister has a disability which keeps her at home, but she loves taking care of our dogs. She is able to get outside and walk around for short periods of time, so this arrangement works out for both of us as well as the dogs. The apartment that I found is really nice too, and it is even better than the one that we had to leave.

There is pool as well as fitness center, and those two things are really helping my sister come out of her shell a lot more. She has met so many friends at both places, and they actually see her and not her disability, so it is amazing to see her thrive the way she has. She is not in a wheelchair right now, but these apartments are handicap accessible should she start having more troubles. I don’t think that will happen though because I am actually seeing improvements since we have moved here. We are all happier, and we have more room and things to do here. That water damage turned out to be a blessing!