Florida Living is the Best

When I was growing up, we would take family vacations to Florida at least once every couple of years. My parents just really loved the area, and they hoped to retire there one day. When my twin sister and I went off to college, they decided to look at apartments for rent in Daytona Beach to see if they could finally realize their dream of becoming full time Floridians. My sister and i were both living at an apartment off campus, and our folks were retired by that time. We encouraged them to start looking for their retirement apartment, knowing that it would be fun to visit them during our semester breaks.

It did not take much pushing to get them to look, which was funny but made us happy too. They found a three bedroom apartment easily enough. Even though my sister and I are closer to starting our own families rather than living with our folks, we still thought it was sweet that they were still thinking of us. We knew that they would put those bedrooms to good use anyway since they have a lot of friends they have left behind too. We knew they would want to visit every chance they can!

The apartment is really nice. They have a nice master bedroom and bath, and the laundry is right in the apartment. They gave up their two story house with a basement to have one floor living, and they both absolutely love it. Our mom loves being able to do laundry without having to climb two sets of stairs multiple times. They are having the time of their lives there, and we have a lot of fun too when we go to visit them. They have always been happy people, but there is a new joy about them that only Florida living can bring!